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Advising you
to better advise yourself

Good Advice supports individuals and teams in their personal and professional development. Our advice allows our Clients to function better, helps them emerge from a crisis, supports them in change, and aids in their development. Research, training and coaching are regular elements of team management. They assist in making strategic decisions, and serve to solve business problems.

Good Advice first evaluates Client needs, and it is from that platform that solutions are suggested and further activities planned. Our major objective is to increase the effectiveness of individuals, whole teams and entire structures built within companies.

Good Advice was formed by people active in the real business world. We all have psychological knowledge and skills, with each specialising in different areas invaluable in team work. This is the foundation of our service.

Good Advice works together with the Client to implement proposed projects. We put great care into achieving measurable results of our consultancy. We want to be the chosen partner in solving problems and realising projects connected with development, assessment and management of people.